IT tries to stay ahead in cloud era

Cloud computing seems poised to be the next big thing for corporate systems due to its cost-efficiency and logistical benefits. By minimizing dedicated server hosting, many executives hope to streamline departmental cooperation and reduce infrastructure pitfalls.

Many in the IT world find this prospect daunting, not because of the complexity of system integration, but because of the new need to stay relevant. Though some predict extensive job creation from the implementation of cloud computing, others wonder how many conventional IT specialists will lose their positions and fall by the wayside.

In order for IT specialists to maintain relevant, they need to evolve alongside the technology. Dana Gardner, president of Interarbor Solutions, believes that IT needs to build trust with the lines of business, begin to manage cloud hosting services, as well as pursue increased automation for service provisioning and operations.

Furthermore, IT needs a wake-up call, because soon they are poised to be left in the dust. According a report by Forrester Research, empowered employees are being driven to circumvent IT and acquire cloud services because of the flexibility and agility scalable cloud computing provides.

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