Businesses sprinting toward cloud computing

Four years ago, cloud computing was thought to be stuck "in first gear," as market analysts from IDC suggested. Then, the technology was underdeveloped and sported limited service, expensive software and drastic security gaps. Because of these potential pitfalls, many companies did not see the value in threatening their company's IT infrastructure by jumping on the cloud bandwagon.

Today, companies across the globe are placing their trust in cloud hosting services. For example, last week pharmaceutical giant Grunenthal had 15 affiliate companies and more than 1,200 users switch from in-house to cloud storage hosts.

Trust appears to be growing in the minds of executives as they witness daily developments within the industry. Services are becoming increasingly flexible, with cloud opportunities available in fixed-rate and pay-by-resource modules, in addition to partial cloud implementation. Furthermore, companies are slashing prices on hardware and services while developing strong security systems, which enables the addition of PCI-compliant hosting.

With such developments in the industry, it is apparent why companies are more and more willing to take the plunge into cloud and streamline corporate resources. As Chris Morris, head of IDC Asia-Pacic, says, businesses have little left to fear, and need to "get over it and get on with it."

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