Study: SMB cloud adoption on the rise

The adoption of the cloud is spreading among businesses of all sizes, especially smaller companies looking to remain competitive with larger firms. According to a new study by Edge Strategies, the market for paid cloud hosted services is expected to double in the next five years, while the number of small firms using the cloud will triple.

"Gone are the days of large enterprises holding the keys to enterprise-class IT and services," said Marco Limena of Microsoft. "The cloud levels the playing field for SMBs, helping them compete in today's quickly changing business environment, by spending less time and money on IT and more time focused on their most important priority - growing their businesses."

Additionally, confidence in cloud security via hardware firewalls is growing among SMBs, as roughly 36 percent of survey respondents believe the cloud can keep data as protected as their on-premise systems. Meanwhile, only 20 percent of respondents think the cloud is less secure.

Still, the cost of the cloud remains a inhibitor for some companies, according to a study by Symform. As the demand for the cloud rises, however, the price will likely drop and make the technology even more appealing.

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