Cloud should be implemented in phases

Although the cloud can improve business performance, the initial stages of migrating to cloud servers will be plagued with problems unless a company follows best practices during its cloud deployment. For example, an organization shouldn't implement the technology in the hopes of revolutionizing IT all in one go. Instead, decision-makers should initially use the solutions to systematically improve a series of minor problems, according to an InfoWorld report by David Linthicum.

The public cloud may be the most suitable option for these minor deployments, as it will allow companies to control or even eliminate capital expenses. The small cloud implementation process will help solve a dilemma and demonstrate the technology's ability to enhance efficiency and performance, Linthicum noted.

Security should not be overlooked, however. Data protection should be addressed in the beginning phases of the cloud and carried through the entire installation as a way to manage risk. By planning security testing and validation processes, most worries will be put to rest and allow the final implementation to be more effective, Linthicum asserted.

Companies can also use an automatic or manual monitoring solution that confronts availability and instability conditions in an effort to keep the cloud more secure and reliable, according to an IT Business Edge report.

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