IaaS market is evolving to meet business demands

Infrastructure as a Service was originally envisioned to be utilized by one user, rather than hosted in multi-tenant environments. As IaaS continues to be implemented into multi-tenant clouds, however, organizations demand improved service-level agreements that guarantee performance, according to a Cloud Pro report.

Guaranteeing workloads, bandwidth and disk input/output has proved troublesome for many IaaS providers. As a result, cloud vendors are taking a new approach to SLAs and focusing on allowing decision-makers to make on-the-fly adjustments to IaaS environments without disrupting overall performance, enabling organizations to meet efficiency and performance demands, the news source said.

It is only through adaptation that cloud service providers will be able to meet all business goals and as a new wave of cloud technologies, such as cluster servers and SQL cloud servers, emerge, the industry may be on the cusp of monumental change, Cloud Pro noted.

The IaaS market is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 48 percent through 2014, according to TechNavio. The need to reduce IT spending without sacrificing cloud performance is driving this growth and will invite new trends to the market.

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