Businesses appreciate private cloud security, efficiency

More companies, small and medium-sized businesses in particular, are migrating to cloud servers to improve efficiency and cut IT expenses. While the public cloud offers bigger cost savings, however, decision-makers are implementing private environments more often because of the growing concern over public cloud security and reliability, according to an Enterprise Networking Planet report.

"The organizations we see moving into the cloud are not using public clouds, they are using private clouds," IT expert Kent Christensen said, according to the news source. "They are not saving that much money against traditional data centers."

Still, companies have not lost all faith in the public cloud, as hybrid environments, in which they host sensitive data within internal structures and less confidential solutions in public architectures, are becoming more common, Enterprise Networking Planet noted.

"Private clouds are about efficiencies, not about saving money per se," Lori MacVittie of F5 said, according to Enterprise Networking Planet. "Will you get savings? Yes, some. But what you will really get is more computing efficiency."

Research firm Gartner noted that many companies are now beyond the beginning stages of cloud deployments and are more familiar with the virtual environments. As a result, decision-makers want to know where their valuable information is hosted.

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