Cloud technologies drive remote working trends

Cloud and other mobile technologies are driving remote working trends as the solutions enable individuals to access applications and data that would otherwise only be available at their desks. According to a report by IT optimization consultancy Intergence, around 80 percent of people will regularly work outside the confines of their office in 2020.

The cloud gives organizations the ability to use solutions when they need to, regardless of location. The technology is also extremely scalable, known as scalable cloud computing, meaning it can expand and contract with the business as it grows, shrinks or makes adjustments to meet traffic demands, the report said.

"Traditional remote access is not flexible enough to support business growth and can often suffer from congestion and latency during periods of heavy use," Intergence vice president Steve Turner said. "To help ease the burden on the business, remote employees should be able to take advantage of cloud services which provide users with virtually unlimited computing power, whilst establishing a much more flexible infrastructure that can grow with the business requirements."

According to service provider Tivarri, cloud hosting services can improve flexibility within a company while cutting IT costs by up to 35 percent. As a result, more organizations will migrate services to the hosted environments to enhance remote working capabilities while reducing spending.

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