Private sector drives cloud adoption

The increasing adoption of dedicated hosting services is primarily being driven by the private sector, as the solutions give organizations the ability to improve remote working and collaboration. By using the cloud, individuals can access corporate resources virtually anywhere in the world, allowing businesses to expand their workforce without sacrificing productivity or connectivity, according to a report by the Guardian.

Implementing cloud hosting services also means that companies won't need to purchase, manage or maintain as many premise-based IT systems, the news source reported. As a result, organizations can reduce IT expenses and allocate resources to different aspects of the business.

Furthermore, companies receive automatic security and application updates for any solutions hosted in the off-site environments. This allows IT departments to concentrate on core demands and ultimately enables the company to be more productive, the Guardian noted.

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit even more than larger firms by implementing the cloud, ReadWriteWeb said, as SMBs often have smaller budgets and fewer resources than corporations. The cloud's pay-as-you-use pricing model means decision-makers can migrate as many or as few resources to the hosted environments, enabling SMBs to be directly proportionate with big businesses that are doing the same.

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