Study: Cloud security remains among top business concerns

Cloud technologies are still relatively new to many businesses and, as a result, cause IT departments to be concerned over the security of the virtual environments. According to a recent study by FishNet Security, the cloud accounts for the third-highest concern for companies, trailing only mobile computing and social networks.

However, the study found that nearly one-third of survey respondents believe the cloud will replace social networks as the second-highest risk in the next two years.

"Cloud computing represents a growing area of concern because companies are leveraging it to increase efficiency and reduce IT spending," FishNet Security executive vice president of services Aaron Shilts said. "Because of its growing popularity, we're seeing more concern about cloud-specific security issues in our survey."

These worries are driving more organizations to invest in training programs to ensure that IT departments know how to safely manage the cloud and employees use the cloud securely, the study said.

According to an InformationWeek report, cloud security is more effective than many businesses realize. A large portion of breaches actually derive from negligent employees. By implementing training programs, decision-makers can cut down on these incidents and utilize the cloud efficiently.

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