Avoiding virtualization stalls requires planning

Virtualizing servers gives companies the ability to improve internal efficiency, reduce costs and enhance productivity. However, decision-makers need to ensure they fully plan the virtualization or cloud hosting process, as failing to do so will often result in a stall, causing the business to stop moving and become susceptible to data loss, according to a CIO magazine report.

Businesses that don't plan accordingly can find themselves stuck halfway through the transition to virtualized servers or cloud hosted services with no place to go.

"For every dollar spent on virtualization software, the IT manager should expect to spend another $11 or $12 on infrastructure for that virtualization project," Weston Group chief technology officer Bill Hurley said, according to CIO. "They end up running out of money before they achieve the effects they were looking for."

Another checkpoint often overlooked is the depreciation schedule for legacy systems, as making the move to virtualized environments too soon will result in return on investment that is lower than expected, the news source reported.

According to InfoWorld, virtualized managed servers allow organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, cut IT expenses and minimize lock-ins with hardware vendors. However, virtualization projects need to be planned well in advance for them to be successful and avoid stalling mid-deployment.

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