Decision-makers need to plan for enhanced cloud security

Any innovative technology will introduce new risks and security concerns, and the cloud is no different. However, if an organization takes the time to plan its migration to the hosted environments, security concerns can be addressed throughout the implementation and make the cloud a safer virtual environment, according to a CloudTweaks report.

To begin, decision-makers need to determine the fundamental controls that will form the foundation of cloud infrastructure security. By planning ahead, organizations can easily protect sensitive corporate records by implementing additional defensive tools for confidential sections of the virtual environment, the news source reported.

Prior to deploying the dedicated hosting services, IT departments and decision-makers should ask business leaders about sensitive areas they wish to have covered. As a result, important records won't be left vulnerable in the virtual infrastructure because they weren't taken into account during the migration process, CloudTweaks noted.

According to a BankInfoSecurity report, decision-makers should also install access control features that will limit access to cloud environments, ultimately making the cloud-based architectures less prone to breaches.

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