US Army plans to migrate to the cloud

In an effort to improve efficiency, reduce expenses and consolidate data centers, the U.S. Army is migrating to the cloud. The agency will utilize fixed and mobile managed servers under an initiative known as the Area Processing Centers Army Private Cloud 2, or APC2.

The project is estimated to take five years and cost nearly $250 million. APC2 is a new section of the LandWarNet strategic initiative, which incorporates all Army data collecting, processing and storing computing capabilities. By implementing a data center hosting plan, Army decision-makers are hoping to lower IT costs and reduce the number of storage facilities the military branch uses.

"By moving to the cloud, the Army will have more flexibility in how IT resources are consumed while providing better economics, greater agility and broader access to information for civilian and military personnel," public sector IT expert Susan Zeleniak said.

Many federal agencies are migrating to the cloud after the Obama administration asked organizations to reduce the number of data centers by 40 percent over the next five years as a part of the federal IT reform plan, according to a report by Government Computing News.

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