Cloud enhances disaster recovery for SMBs

In the past, disaster recovery plans for small and medium-sized businesses meant backing up the bare minimum of mission-critical solutions and hoping for the best, while large corporations were required to invest large quantities of capital to satisfy their needs. The advent of online cloud storage is changing all that, according to a report by InfoWorld.

The cloud allows SMBs to utilize enterprise-level outsourcing tools that grant them access to mission-critical solutions from virtually any location for a low cost. However, the trend of doing so often causes confusion within the business, especially as more tech-savvy employees use mobile gadgets and move sensitive records out of corporate environments and into private cloud environments, the news source said.

The problem is that sometimes the movement of information is done without permission, creating security issues. On the upside, the cloud allows organizations to retrieve important information in the event of a disaster, InfoWorld noted.

Regardless of whether cloud DR is in the business plan, companies are likely using it anyway. These plans usually include one of three methods: do-it-yourself DR, which uses the public cloud, DR-as-a-Service, which comes prepackaged from cloud hosting providers or cloud-to-cloud DR that enables IT departments to shift information from one cloud to another, Forrester Research said.

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