Hybrid cloud needs improvements in order to catch on

Having complete harmony between internally hosted private clouds and externally managed public environments is one of the cloud industry's dreams. With promises to meet these interoperability demands, the hybrid cloud is making quite an entrance into the community. However, some issues will need to be ironed out before the perfect hybrid cloud can exist, according to an InfoWorld report.

While there are already many hybrid cloud solutions available for companies, the majority are only compatible with specific vendors. Without the ability to create assets in one area and use them in another, there is a lack of consistency throughout the market, the news source said.

As a result, some changes must be addressed for complete managed server interoperability. Multi-site management, which enables IT departments to seamlessly maintain a variety of virtual environments, will be important to complete the connections between data centers and public clouds, InfoWorld said.

Hybrid clouds, however, are still well on their way to full-blown adoption, Gartner analysts said, especially as more decision-makers experiment hosting mission-critical solutions on and off site.

"Hybrid IT creates symmetry between internal and external IT services that will force an IT and business paradigm shift for years to come," Gartner managing vice president Chris Howard said.

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