Cloud computing offers SMBs unique benefits

The task of expanding globally for small and medium-sized businesses can be a daunting task if an organization doesn't use the cloud. By using cloud web hosting services, smaller firms can use next-generation enterprise-level technologies, enabling them to be more efficient and productive, while giving them new opportunities to expand, according to an itVAR News report.

Since the cloud allows organizations to outsource applications and data to a third party, companies can cut costs associated with maintaining excessive premise-based systems. The cloud also allows businesses to access the outsourced solutions from virtually anywhere, meaning decision-makers don't need to add new on-site equipment when expanding, the news source said.

Additionally, the benefits of scalable cloud computing enable firms to simply increase bandwidth as required, itVAR News said. As a result, organizations can remain efficient at all times, while only paying for the capacity used.

According to a CloudTweaks report, the cloud allows SMBs to level the playing field with larger firms by utilizing enterprise-class solutions. This gives small firms a competitive advantage that can help them grow even in today's unpredictable economy.

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