Study: Ireland cloud adoption slow but beneficial

A new study by Amarach Research found that cloud adoption in Ireland has not quite seen the same takeoff as in other parts of the world with only about 37 percent of organizations utilizing a cloud content delivery network. When this percentage is broken down, however, it appears that larger firms are deploying the cloud more often, as roughly 53 percent of companies with more than 250 employees have implemented cloud services.

The study also found that many organizations believe the adoption of cloud servers will help get the economy back on track. Roughly three-quarters of businesses think the cloud will help reinvigorate the economy, while more than four-fifths of the public sector also believes so.

Additionally, almost half of all companies in Ireland that have adopted the cloud have seen productivity gains, while nearly one-third of respondents said they have been able to expand without additional capital investments because of the cloud, Amarach Research noted.

Cloud services enable companies to access mission-critical solutions from virtually anywhere on any platform. This is especially important during the era of consumerization, as more organizations allow individuals to work remotely and bring mobile devices into the office to perform business-related tasks.

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