Cloud revolution is well under way

The cloud is revolutionizing IT through its ability to support a broad range of new trends, such as remote working and bring-your-own-device programs. As more organizations arrive at this realization, they will likely continue adopting at least one of the many cloud hosting service models.

"Early cloud conversations often described one giant cloud, 'the cloud,' serving everybody," IT expert Rajesh Rege said, according to itVAR News. "In reality, there are many variations of [the] cloud: private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds and even communities of clouds for vertical markets like healthcare or finance or even governments. We're living in a world of many clouds."

The hybrid cloud, in particular, is becoming increasingly attractive to many businesses, itVAR News noted. Since this model incorporates the benefits of public and private clouds, decision-makers can deploy cloud services that include the best of both worlds.

The hybrid IT model is here to stay, as it allows organizations to host sensitive solutions on site where IT departments can instill more robust security and migrate less confidential applications and data to public environments, according to Gartner. For companies that are somewhat timid about adopting the cloud, the hybrid model is a good place to start.

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