Cloud spending will increase, study says

A new study by CA Technologies revealed that cloud spending will likely continue to grow as more companies realize the benefits the technology can provide. More than three-quarters of organizations in the U.K. expect to increase their cloud budgets in 2012, up from 72 percent in 2011 and 26 percent in 2010, according to Channel Pro.

"Increased cloud spending as predicted by this year's Channel Index reflects that the cloud model is a good response to the growing pressures modern business is facing," Marco Comastri of CA Technologies said, according to Channel Pro. "IT organizations are asked to deliver new applications and services to a growing number of internal and external users in a fast and cost-effective way."

Fifty-nine percent of respondents ranked the flexibility associated with scalable cloud computing as the most important benefit for customers. Another 50 percent said the agility was the most advantageous quality of the cloud, as it allows organizations to find and utilize new solutions in less time, Channel Pro noted.

CA Technologies also found that hybrid clouds will likely be the most-commonly deployed model in the coming years.

Research firm Gartner agrees with this, as they recently ranked the hybrid cloud as an imperative through 2015.

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