Cloud myths debunked

The rapid growth of the cloud and its myths have clouded many decision-makers' judgments about the technology, causing them to fear managed servers for no reason. Many companies believe that the cloud re-introduces the concept of being restricted to a single vendor, which is untrue, IT expert David Linthicum said in an InfoWorld report.

While the cloud will often cause businesses to develop a certain level of dependency on the service, organizations are not locked in to contracts. Vendors of any technology will often create complex agreements that make it tedious for companies to find alternative services offering the same benefits, and the cloud is no different, Linthicum asserted. However, decision-makers will always have a choice.

Additionally, many firms believe the migration of sensitive data and applications to cloud hosting services will make them more vulnerable to breaching privacy laws and cause them to be arrested, Linthicum said. While this is dramatic, organizations need to ensure they meet compliance standards, as a failure to do so will result in fines or, potentially, jail time.

Another common myth is that the cloud won't secure information as well as traditional premise-based systems. This fear can be trumped by developing strong service-level agreements and ensuring the vendor deploys robust security tools.

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