IaaS deployments can pay off for SMBs

In today's business world, avoiding implementing cloud services is as difficult as preventing network access to mobile devices. While decision-makers may succeed in their efforts for a while, the benefits of cloud computing will become more familiar with each passing day and make the technology especially appealing for small companies.

"Most cloud providers offer software and services that are more secure, scalable and feature-rich than what we could hope to develop internally or buy out of the box," Damian Bennan, vice president at a major steel industry supplier, told InformationWeek.

Small and medium-sized businesses will be particularly attracted to the cloud because of its ability to level the playing field and provide enterprise-class solutions for a low price though the cloud's Software as a Service model. Infrastructure as a Service, however, is often more difficult to sell to businesses, largely because organizations tend to have data center equipment they cannot lose, InformationWeek reported.

SMB decision-makers should understand that IaaS, similar to SaaS, provides a multitude of benefits.

"The biggest benefit is that IaaS allows SMBs to have access to quality and scalability of infrastructure, which they would not be able to build themselves," Abide Financial chief executive officer Collin Coleman told Cloud Pro.

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