Study shows UK companies need virtualization security training

The introduction of virtualization and cloud computing to the enterprise has completely changed the workplace, allowing organizations to make important solutions more readily available without busting IT budgets. According to a new study by Kaspersky Lab, more than 80 percent of U.K. businesses have deployed mission-critical services into virtual environments.

"Virtualization is a vitally important and transformational technology that offers many business benefits, including enhanced IT efficiency," Kaspersky Lab corporate sales director Andrew Lintell said. "However, it requires customers to think differently about how to secure IT from potential cybercrime and malicious attacks."

Forty-one percent of respondents said their knowledge of virtualization was basic, the study noted, while only 45 percent said they developed a new security strategy for virtual machines. This suggests many IT departments need to learn how to manage and protect virtual environments.

According to a blog post by Forrester Research, critical workloads are being prioritized as more organizations implement managed servers and virtualization technologies. As a result, security is becoming an imperative and professionals must look at both protection and compliance requirements to navigate the complex landscape.

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