SLAs important to determine if cloud is appropriate

As cloud adoption grows and the technology continues to evolve, it becomes more enticing to decision-makers witnessing other organizations experiencing benefits from its implementation. However, businesses need to be sure that the cloud will fit their specific strategic initiatives, as it is not applicable for every company, according to a Smart Business Network Online report.

The most important thing when migrating to the cloud hosting services is developing a robust service-level agreement that will address issues like the cloud's availability and which party is responsible during an outage, the news source said. Decision-makers should ensure that all concerns are discussed when making the SLA, rather than being unprepared during a crisis.

Security should also be brought up during the creation of the SLA. Cloud services are generally just as secure as premise-based systems, as they still have hardware firewalls and servers, SBN Online said. Since cloud security still generates a lot of concern, however, technologies to enhance data protection in hosted environments continue to be developed.

According to Forrester Research, since cloud security is still seen as an inhibitor, vendors will work on defensive capabilities over the next five years to ensure that the tools will transition into enablers of the cloud.

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