Expert believes public cloud concerns are overplayed

In a recent interview with Eucalyptus Systems chief executive officer Marten Mickos, Tech Week Europe noted that many public cloud server risks are exaggerated, especially as both private and public clouds face the same security issue: the introduction of mobility. Despite concerns, Mickos believes that utilizing the cloud is the only way to fully meet efficiency and mobile demands.

"I believe the public cloud is a very reliable way to have computing run," Mickos told Tech Week Europe. "What people forget is that internal data centers go down as well. Over time people will see they can trust the public cloud more than their own."

As more organizations in both the public and private sector adopt cloud computing, the virtual landscape will change, Mickos told the news provider. In time, standards will begin to emerge and boost confidence in the public cloud, encouraging more companies to deploy the technology.

Currently, the cloud industry is in its early stages of developing standards for storage, networking, security and other aspects of concern, according to Network World. The demand for regulations is increasing as more individuals require interoperability between systems.

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