Cloud will change management roles

The introduction of new technologies has brought about major changes to the chief information officer's role, as well as businesses as a whole. In the coming years, CIOs will need to address the necessity of hosting high-quality collaboration tools in cloud-based environments, according to a CIO report.

According to a report by WinterGreen Research, web hosting collaboration tools are expected to generate more than $21 billion in revenue by 2018, increasing from less than $4 billion in 2011. As the applications move to the cloud, they will move away from firewalls.

"As a result, the position of the CIO will evolve into one that emphasizes strategic business leadership - looking at where and how to best collaborate with business partners," Todd McKinnon, CEO of identity management provider Okta, said, according to CIO. "This also means that the CIO will have had to address head-on the issue of moving information from behind the firewall in terms of security."

Decision-makers will also need to prepare for bring-your-own-device programs, as these will be the norm in the next few years, CIO noted. By implementing cloud hosting services, businesses will be better prepared for the influx of employee-owned devices accessing the corporate network.

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