Cloud computing transforms IT operations

Cloud hosting services are changing the entire IT landscape and if companies want to remain relevant in today's highly competitive market, decision-makers need to address these transformations. To begin, businesses need to understand that the cloud reduces the amount of IT staff companies need and can completely reinvent operations, according to a TechTarget report.

By implementing public cloud services, businesses eliminate the need for IT experts to manage hosted environments. If companies deploy private clouds, on the other hand, organizations can ensure IT operations meet evolving demands, the news source reported.

Many organizations choose to utilize the public cloud because of its nearly endless supply of applications and resources that help them improve capacity planning, TechTarget noted.

"You can take more risks, be more creative and dynamic [in the cloud]," cloud expert Ian Rae said, according to the news provider. "You no longer have to over-invest in a project that doesn't end up doing very well."

Cloud servers are also very cost-effective, as the technology requires decision-makers to only pay for the capacity and resources they use, rather than coughing up expensive upfront fees. As a result, companies can use IT budgets more efficiently

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