Study: Companies invest in cloud to stay competitive in slow economy

A new report by Deloitte found that executives from medium-sized businesses are focusing on three key areas of business to remain competitive in the wake of a slower economy: talent, finance and technology. The cloud will be a major aspect of these initiatives.

The study found that 40 percent of respondents recognize cloud computing and Software as a Service deployments as an important step to surviving the unpredictable economy. As a result, cloud-based technologies will be among the top three investments for 2012.

"Because of the significantly slower growth than we've seen in previous recoveries, mid-market executives are increasingly cautious about their expectations for 2012," said Tom McGee of Deloitte. "Mid-market companies are now trying to meet the challenges of this volatile economy by taking a more adaptable approach to managing certain key business fundamentals."

According to a recent study by KPMG, dedicated hosting investments are forecast to explode in 2012, driven by the need to improve processes and enhance agility in an otherwise unpredictable economy. As a result, roughly 81 percent of respondents said they have either already implemented cloud technologies or plan to do so this year.

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