Businesses despise cloud problems, study finds

Despite the well-known benefits of the cloud, many decision-makers are having trouble addressing issues that will enable them to migrate to cloud-based environments more easily. According to a new study by Cisco, 39 percent of respondents said they hate network challenges that are associated with private cloud deployments.

Cisco also noted that many more organizations will adopt the cloud by the end of 2012, as roughly 20 percent of respondents plan to have more than half of their applications in the virtual environments by this time. Still, decision-makers are facing challenges that must be addressed, such as cloud storage and security, before successfully deploying the hosted services.

"As cloud adoption is increasing at a rapid rate, businesses need to be fully aware of the necessary steps when planning for a cloud model that is right for their organization," Cisco senior vice president Praveen Akkiraju said.

According to the Sand Hill Group, decision-makers should implement a roadmap for cloud server adoption with an end-goal in mind. As a result, IT departments may be more prepared for any hiccups experienced along the way.

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