DevOps supports agility through application lifecycle

The rapid adoption and advancement of cloud computing is driving the need for organizations to implement new strategies to manage both internal and externally hosted machines. Traditional models are irrelevant in today's IT world and can even create issues of their own. To prepare for the cloud and all of its challenges, businesses should consider taking a DevOps approach to IT, according to a CIO report.

Since applications are now being developed from a large amount of components, teams must have the ability to make adjustments along the entire IT supply chain. By converging development and operations, organizations can support continuous integration and accommodation throughout the application creation process, the news source said.

DevOps supports agility throughout the application lifestyle, CIO noted. As a result, organizations can be more productive and gain a competitive advantage over rival firms.

According to research firm Ovum, the concept of development-operations collaboration has been around for a while but the advent of hybrid cloud computing is driving its adoption. As more companies leverage hosted services to improve productivity, the DevOps movement will continue to gain momentum.

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