As cloud investments increase, businesses need migration plans

A study by the Cloud Industry Forum found that roughly one-third of all European IT budgets have been allocated for cloud hosting services. Decision-makers need to understand what the cloud is and how they can implement the technology correctly if they want to fully enjoy the benefits of the hosted environment.

"This research further validates the strength of the cloud proposition and its ability to provide greater flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness to enterprise grade organizations," CIF chair Andy Burton said.

It is important, however, that businesses plan their adoption of the cloud correctly to ensure that all solutions and services migrated to the hosted environment work efficiently and don't experience any unforeseen issues, Burton said.

Decision-makers can alleviate some of the stress associated with cloud migrations by leveraging services from a reputable provider that offers greater visibility and transparency into the infrastructure, making it easier to spot any areas of concern, CIF noted.

According to a study by IDG Enterprise, companies will increase their spending on the cloud by an average of 16 percent in the next year, largely driven by the need to protect information during the advent of big data.

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