Cloud providers should enforce security

The public cloud is rapidly changing the enterprise IT industry, as outsourcing applications and data to a third party holds significant cost-saving and efficiency benefits. However, the inherent risks of moving sensitive solutions to an outsourced environment has slowed adoption. According to a white paper by Symantec, decision-makers should look for hosting companies that meet specific security requirements.

First, cloud vendors should be able to limit access to the virtual environments by leveraging authentication tools that can confirm identities and credentials. Hosted environments also need to meet all compliance standards, as failing to do so can result in severe repercussions, Symantec noted.

Additionally, cloud hosting providers need to guarantee data recovery and businesses continuity, Symantec reported. Since any technology, including the cloud, is capable of crashing or failing, it is important that enterprises have the ability to restore productivity by accessing mission-critical applications and data during emergencies.

Decision-makers should ensure that cloud vendors monitor their own employee usage of the services efficiently, as insider threats or simple negligence can cause serious problems for any organization using hosted services, according to an InfoWorld report.

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