Cloud storage answers big data containment issues

As the volumes of data that businesses store continues to grow, the chances of data loss increase as well, making it more important than ever for decision-makers to find innovative and protective solutions to keep information safe. By leveraging cloud storage, organizations can migrate files to secure outsourced data centers, making them available from virtually anywhere.

A survey by CA Technologies found that nearly three-quarters of North American businesses are gaining confidence in public cloud storage capabilities. Another 84 percent of respondents said using a private cloud to host information on-site is also an adequate way to protect sensitive information.

"It is broadly acknowledged that cloud computing can offer many benefits to organizations that require more agile and cost-effective ways of delivering IT services," CA executive Bill Mann said. "This survey reveals that one of those benefits is improved data protection - which remains a huge challenge in conventional, non-cloud environments."

According to IDC, spending on public cloud storage will expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 23 percent through 2015, while private cloud storage investments will increase at a CAGR of nearly 29 percent.

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