Leveraging the cloud starts with embracing change

The cloud is reaching mainstream adoption and as more organizations are pushed into deploying the services, decision-makers are sometimes confused as to how they should approach the technology. First, companies should embrace the cloud and not be deterred by perceived vulnerabilities, as proper planning can mitigate any risks associated with leveraging the solutions, according to a report by CollabNet.

"The rate of change and the accompanying complexity within the IT industry can be overwhelming, especially within the software development and cloud computing industries," CollabNet chief marketing and strategy officer Jim Ensell said.

Businesses should also leverage DevOps practices, allowing the IT lifecycle to perform much more smoothly, and utilize the hybrid cloud, the news source said. In doing so, companies can host sensitive information on-site and implement more robust security, while migrating less confidential records off-site to cut costs and improve efficiency.

A separate report by research firm Gartner noted that the hybrid cloud will be adopted more often in the coming years, driving transformation in the enterprise.

"Hybrid IT creates symmetry between internal and external IT services that will force an IT and business paradigm shift for years to come," Gartner managing vice president Chris Howard said.

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