Survey: IT evolution drives demand for DevOps

Even though IT organizations are succeeding in their efforts to improve core development, they are not meeting customer demands and are thereby decreasing satisfaction, according to a new study by Serena Software. This is driving the need for a convergence of development and operations teams or a process called DevOps.

"In addition to learning about continued problems pertaining to application releases, we learned that IT also struggles with poor requirements," Serena Software senior product marketing manager Miguel Tam said. "The issue is at the front and back-end of development and these findings are consistent across all industries surveyed."

The study noted that the biggest application lifecycle management impediment was deploying apps on time without encountering issues. By implementing a DevOps process, companies can improve the transition between development to production to mitigate errors and improve overall efficiency.

The advent of big data is also driving the demand for leveraging DevOps procedures, as businesses are forced to merge cluster servers and bring in additional data analytics to create next-generation solutions, according to a Services Angle report.

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