Survey: Private cloud acknowledged for responsiveness, performance improvements

Cloud technologies are being implemented on a global scale with the private cloud often taking on more importance than its public counterpart. According to a recent survey by the Register, private cloud hosting services are more often deployed because they are better understood and offer more reassurance as to the protection of mission-critical applications and data.

"While the potential to reduce cost and overhead through better resource management and the streamlining of operations is appreciated, benefits in terms of responsiveness to new and changing demands on IT are highlighted more frequently," the report said.

Businesses have also acknowledged the private cloud's ability to improve disaster recovery, provide more control over performance monitoring and enhance management. While many IT professionals choose to leverage the private cloud today, the survey noted that the IT landscape will likely see a convergence of the two more often in the coming years.

According to Gartner, the hybrid cloud will soon be the norm for companies, allowing decision-makers to host sensitive solutions on-site and less confidential applications and data in the multi-tenant public environment.

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