Australian businesses still don't understand the cloud

A new survey by software vendor Sage found that mobile and cloud technologies will continue to be an investment priority for Australian business over the next 12 months. A general lack of understanding of the cloud, however, may bar adoption rates for sometime, as only one in 12 organizations are using the public cloud, while one in 16 are currently leveraging private cloud hosting services.

"The cloud as sitting in the 'important but not urgent' box, given the multitude of other challenges they are currently facing," Sage managing director Alan Osrin said. "As long as clear education and a roadmap highlighting its risks, benefits and opportunities are provided, there is potential."

The uptick of the cloud is increasing, however, as an additional 57 percent of companies have implemented the public cloud in the past year, while more than 75 percent have adopted the private cloud, Sage reported.

According to a separate report by IDG Enterprise, around one-third of businesses currently use the private cloud. This number will likely continue to increase in the coming years, especially as more organizations begin to use the hybrid cloud model.

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