Report: Large businesses adopt cloud more often than small companies

A new study by J.D. Power and Associates found that roughly 18 percent of business data customers are now leveraging the cloud, compared to only 11 percent who did so in 2011. Roughly 40 percent of respondents said that price was the biggest differentiator when choosing between hosting companies.

"While traditional data services offer a suite, or package of services, employing cloud-based services like [Software-as-a-Service] provides businesses the opportunity to view data as a commoditized service, where the differentiation among providers is primarily based on price, bandwidth and reliability," J.D. Power and Associates director of telecommunications Frank Perazzini said.

The survey also found that large companies are more inclined to adopt the cloud over smaller firms, as 20 percent of enterprises are leveraging the cloud, while only 14 percent of small businesses are doing so.

This may change in the coming years, however, as small organizations begin to recognize the potential of the cloud. According to a separate study by Microsoft, the number of small companies using cloud computing technologies is forecast to triple in the next three years.

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