Study: Cloud concerns still linger, despite growing adoption

The 2012 Strategic Security Survey by InformationWeek revealed that businesses are adopting the cloud but are still unsure of its ability to secure mission-critical applications and data. The report found the biggest cloud security risk was the unauthorized access to or leak of customer information from supposedly protected databases.

Other cloud concerns included the security of the technology itself and the exposure of intellectual property.

According to a separate report by CloudTweaks, preventing data loss is the biggest worry when leveraging cloud storage services.

InformationWeek noted that one of the best ways to reduce these risks is to implement robust access control policies.

"[Properly] configuring permissions on service accounts can prevent a nonadministrative user from escalating his privileges on the workstation," the report said. "Permissions are a critical portion of identity management but too often organizations only focus on user identities. Permissions are just as important."

Additionally, businesses should compose their own risk assessments of cloud hosting providers, as relying solely on the provider's internal audits is not the best method to ensure safety, InformationWeek asserted. As a result, IT departments can determine how structurally sound their cloud's virtual environment will be.

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