Metrics, planning important to private cloud deployment

Migrating to the cloud can transform the IT department and virtually every operational aspect of the business. Choosing the right cloud model can be difficult, but many organizations determine the private cloud, in particular, is best for them, as the virtual environment is hosted on-site and can be managed more easily, according to a Network World report.

While private cloud computing will likely improve internal efficiency, it is important that businesses assess how much they change. For this reason, decision-makers need to create metrics that will quantify the change occurring within the workplace, Network World noted.

Additionally, organizations migrating to the cloud need to develop a plan, as improvising the implementation will most likely lead to failure.

"It's daunting, so be cautious of how you deploy your cloud," Gartner cloud analyst Thomas Bittman said, according to Network World. "We can't design everything perfectly from the ground up, so start small and build from there."

According to an interview with CDW, the IT Pro found that interest in private cloud servers is high but the technology is mainly being adopted at the enterprise level because of costs. Smaller firms, on the other hand, tend to lean toward the more cost-effective public cloud.

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