Report: Europe slower to adopt cloud technologies

A new study by Gartner found that businesses around the globe are adopting the cloud at increasing rates, although some may be implementing the technology faster than others. European privacy rules and trouble associated with the euro is likely to lead to a slower deployment of the cloud than the United States.

"The opportunities for cloud computing value are valid all over the world, and the same is true for some of the risks and costs," Gartner vice president Paolo Malinverno said. "However, some of cloud computing's potential risks and costs - namely security, transparency and integration - which are generally applicable worldwide, take on a different meaning in Europe."

Analysts believe that the cloud is as relevant in Europe as it is elsewhere but since there are so many countries in the continent, there is a diverse set of regulations that international organizations need to address when deploying the cloud. The slowness of some European Union policies may also be an inhibitor to the cloud.

InformationWeek also noted that many European businesses blame the U.S. Patriot Act for their lack of faith in the cloud storage, as the international law lets investigative law enforcement agencies to breach privacy regulations in the attempt to thwart terrorists and other malicious parties. 

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