Application monitoring essential for effective cloud computing deployments

Monitoring applications becomes a critical part of a cloud management strategy after an organization has migrated services to the hosted environment. If decision-makers and IT departments fail to evaluate how well solutions operate in the cloud, the entire implementation of the technology may have been in vain, according to a Network Computing report.

"When parts or all of an application moves to a cloud, the view into the application is disrupted," Visual Networks Systems executive Belinda Yung-Rubke said, according to the news source. "This may be due to the loss of access to instruments for metrics collection, or access for the data to make its way back to the management system."

Decision-makers should be especially prepared to manage applications based in the hybrid cloud structure, as this will be one of the most common cloud deployment strategies in the coming years, Network Computing noted. In doing so, IT managers will be able to learn how to monitor solutions in both private and public environments.

According to Gartner, hybrid cloud computing strategies are imperative and will eventually become the normal way of computing. The research firm encourages decision-makers to focus on application management in the near term to prepare for this trend.

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