Businesses need to enhance cloud security

A recent survey by Taneja Group and InfoStor revealed that only 29 percent of respondents were protecting information in cloud storage environments, meaning the majority of users were susceptible to data breaches. These findings suggest that decision-makers and IT managers need to take cloud security more seriously if they want the hosted services to yield positive results.

On a more positive note, the survey also found that 58 percent of respondents are planning on migrating data protection tools to the cloud in the next two years. However, another 24 percent of decision-makers said they have no plans to do so in the coming years.

There are many reasons why companies migrate information to the cloud. The survey revealed that the No. 1 reason for hosting data in the cloud was to experience cost savings by eliminating redundant or secondary backup systems. Another 52 percent of respondents said simplifying management was their main reason for migrating information to hosted environments.

According to MarketsandMarkets, the global cloud computing industry will generate more than $121 billion in revenue by 2015. As more businesses migrate applications and data to the cloud, IT departments need to ensure they implement security tools to keep information protected.

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