Private cloud can help enterprises

The private cloud has recently been receiving a lot of negative attention, which is not necessarily fair or accurate, according to an InfoWorld report by David Linthicum.

In many cases, the negative connotations of the private cloud have derived from companies that have overapplied the technology. The private cloud is most beneficial for enterprises looking for scalable cloud computing options that can reduce IT expenses and enhance application and data availability, Linthicum noted.

In other words, decision-makers need to implement the services when they have a legitimate reason, not simply because IT is looking for something to do. The truth of the matter is that private clouds are truly beneficial and successful when deployed correctly, though this isn't always an easy process, Linthicum said. Businesses should look at all approaches to the hosted services, including public, private and hybrid cloud strategies.

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, businesses that implemented the private cloud experienced a 12 percent cost saving advantage over the public cloud. While these specific advantages may not apply to every organization, it suggests that the hype associated with the private hosted environment may not always be true.

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