Private cloud strategies should not negatively impact public cloud models

If an organization is postponing or neglecting deploying the cloud for whatever reason, it is likely being outperformed by competitive firms that are leveraging the technology. According to a blog post by Forrester Research analyst Vanessa Alvarez, roughly 12 percent of businesses have fully implemented a private cloud environment, while 24 percent have migrated to the public cloud.

Alvarez said that many decision-makers are restricting the use of public cloud environments so employees will be more inclined to use a company's private services, which is a mistake. While public and private cloud computing strategies should be separate, they are parallel to one another and should not damage each other's reputation.

"Don't worry that expanded use of the public cloud will obviate the need for a private cloud. Their values do not overlap," Alvarez said. "There are strong reasons for large enterprises to pursue both strategies."

According to IDC, spending on public cloud storage and other services will expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 27 percent through 2015. In an effort to increase private cloud usage, decision-makers should not hinder public cloud adoption. Instead, they should explain the benefits of using both technologies.

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