Cloud overkill can hurt business operations, researcher says

While leveraging cloud hosting services can help companies become more efficient, using the technology too much can lead to problems. Yale University researcher and assistant computer science professor Bryan Ford said the increasing trend to mix, match and bundle various services for different means can lead to meltdowns that negatively impact overall business operations, according to Network World.

"As diverse, independently developed cloud services share ever more fluidly and aggressively multiplexed hardware resource pools, unpredictable interactions between load-balancing and other reactive mechanisms could lead to dynamic instabilities or 'meltdowns,'" Ford said, according to the news provider.

When the cloud becomes overly leveraged, Ford said IT managers may find weaknesses and vulnerabilities associated with the technology well after the problems begin impacting IT, Network World noted. As a result, decision-makers should consult a trusted third party to conduct cloud reliability analyses.

According to Gartner, the global cloud market will approach $150 billion in 2014 as more organizations adopt the services in preparation for big data. As more companies around the world leverage the cloud, it will be important that IT managers conduct robust evaluations of the hosted services to ensure cloud performance will not be deteriorated by overly using the technology.

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