Leveraging big data helps cloud implementation effectiveness

While migrating to the cloud is becoming an imperative for businesses to remain competitive with rival firms, there are still concerns often encountered during the process. By leveraging big data and IT analytics tools, however, decision-makers can make cloud implementations more efficient, according to a report by Sumerian.

"IT analytics provide a scientific basis to consider things like cost, performance and risk to ensure a cloud initiative is successful - without it, firms are flying blind into the cloud and putting themselves at risk," Sumerian CTO Peter Duffy said.

Decision-makers need to understand how existing computing services are consumed if they want to leverage the cloud to its full extent and capabilities. IT analytics gives organizations the ability to track and monitor how current services are performing and how much capacity is needed to enhance operations, the report said.

"With IT analytics, CIOs can gain precise answers to ensure they chose the right cloud service providers and technology options to maximize return-on-IT spend and deliver real business value," Duffy said.

In a separate interview with SYS-CON Media, Symform vice president of marketing Margaret Dawson said that cloud computing and big data go hand-in-hand. By leveraging both, organizations will be able to enhance productivity in the most efficient way.

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