Gartner acknowledges cloud computing, big data as important initiatives in coming years

A new report by Gartner revealed there are 10 strategic technologies that will become an integral part of business over the next several years. While social media and mobility made the list, so did big data, the cloud and other important trends seen in the IT landscape.

"We are already seeing the adoption of 'big data' within the IT and operations management industry," Gartner managing vice president Milind Govekar said. "In particular, Software as a Service management providers now have to collect and synthesize large volumes of data."

Infrastructure as a Service is a fast-growing market because of its ability to offer computing resources, storage and networking on demand. As a result, roughly 5 percent of all virtual machines will run on the IaaS model by 2015, Gartner noted.

According to TechNavio, the IaaS market is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 48 percent through 2014, largely driven by the increasing need for businesses to reduce overall IT expenses without sacrificing any necessary computing capabilities.

In the coming year, the cloud will continue to play an important role in the development of the private sector, as will other technologies, like big data analytics and social media.

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