Cloud computing is finally becoming the norm

Cloud services are finally catching up to the hype surrounding the technology, as more decision-makers invest in public and private cloud models to enhance efficiency and reduce IT complexity. According to a study by Strategy Analytics, the scalability, visibility and manageability benefits associated with the cloud are leading organizations to deploy the services more often than ever before.

The survey found that Software as a Services continues to be the most commonly deployed cloud model, as 64 percent of respondents leverage the technology. Approximately 22 percent of companies utilize Platform, while 37 percent use Infrastructure as a Service.

"Organizations have been relying on business cloud services including email, CRM, and web and audio conferencing for more than a decade," Strategy Analytics executive Mark Levitt said. "This Strategy Analytics survey shows that a majority of corporations have abandoned traditional on-premise software deployments for many types of application and infrastructure software."

According to a recent report by Visiongain, the cloud market is forecast to continue growing, generating nearly $38 billion in revenue in 2012 alone. As more companies gain confidence in the cloud, the technology will become the norm for business operations.

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