Cloud maturity brings new questions to the table

Ever since the cloud initially entered the private sector, decision-makers around the world have been wondering if they would ever leverage the technology to their advantage. As the cloud matures, however, the question is shifting from "if" to "how" and "when," forcing IT managers to overcome any obstacles associated with the cloud, according to a Network World report.

To begin, decision-makers need to determine how cloud computing technologies can improve operations and which model will bring the most benefits, the news source said.

"Cloud is most interesting when it's not just about how the CTO can make it happen but it's about what can make the CEO excited about what it can do for the business," IDC chief cloud analyst Frank Gens said, according to Network World.

Business executives need to determine if managing an on-site private cloud will be more advantageous than using the less expensive, multitenant public cloud. Taking a hybrid approach, on the other hand, will let organizations use both models, maximizing benefits from both, the news source said.

A recent study by RightScale found that the majority of businesses are taking the latter approach and using hybrid clouds. As a result, IT departments can keep more sensitive applications and data on-site, while outsourcing other operations to achieve greater cost savings.

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