Businesses must maintain some control when negotiating cloud contracts

When an organization begins to leverage the public cloud, decision-makers essentially give away their servers, networks and sensitive information to service providers. To prevent any serious issues down the line, IT executives should be sure to tackle concerns when developing commitments with a cloud computing vendor, according to a CFO report.

A "wet-ink" cloud contract is important to a business' success, as these agreements cannot be altered without both parties approving any changes, the news source said. As a result, decision-makers can have greater visibility into their cloud commitments and limit the power service providers have over the hosted environment.

Businesses should also ensure they maintain the right to audit and terminate contracts at their disposal, CFO noted. By hiring a third-party auditor, organizations can ensure the vendor keeps up its cloud storage or performance promises. If the provider doesn't qualify or meet user demands, decision-makers should be able to end the relationship without penalties.

However, IT executives also need to be practical with their service-level agreement demands, InformationWeek noted.

"Be realistic about what you're asking vs. the reality of what you do or need to do," Forrester Research analyst Liz Herbert said, according to InformationWeek.

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