Contact centers migrating services to the cloud

Gartner analysts believe the increased attention on cloud computing will drive the demand to leverage the technology in the contact center, giving agents the ability to speak with customers on a variety of platforms from anywhere in the world. By 2013, roughly 75 percent of help desk companies will have incorporated the cloud into their everyday operations.

"Call centers and customer service departments play an integral role at corporations, enterprises and large businesses worldwide but they can also be difficult to properly and effectively manage," Appointment-Plus CEO Bob La Loggia said. "Our online enterprise scheduler is the perfect solution to improve this important operational component."

Scalable cloud computing is a major driver behind the technology's adoption in the contact center, as the increased flexibility allows customer service departments to accommodate increased workloads, traffic and employees located outside the office. As mobile technologies continue to evolve, more individuals will work outside the office, making it important that companies adopt the cloud to enhance collaboration.

According to IDC, the mobile workforce will reach 1.3 billion by 2015. As these trends continue to gain momentum, it will be more important for decision-makers to adapt and adopt innovative solutions capable of supporting change.

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